First Visit

At Delaware Orthodontics, our mission is to provide our patients high quality care from their very first visit. Whether you need Invisalign clear braces, Orthognathic Surgery, or any other treatment we offer, Dr. Husain and Dr. Flagg will work with you to design a treatment that fits your needs – on your schedule.

Your Newark, Delaware Orthodontists

We're always excited to meet new patients during their first visit. Your initial appointment will be about 30 minutes long, consisting of a thorough examination and a discussion of possible treatments available to you. This initial visit gives us important insight into your individualized needs, and helps us design a treatment plan that's right for you. Often, following this initial exam, we will reserve time to take diagnostic records including x-rays, photos, and impressions for study models. These records help us develop an appropriate treatment plan and expedite your treatment. This additional appointment generally lasts one hour.

During your initial exam, we'll go over a number of common questions like these:

  • Are there any conditions orthodontics can address?
  • Is now the right time for treatment?
  • What treatment procedures should we pursue?
  • Do any permanent teeth need to be removed?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • How much will it cost and what are my payment options?

While most of these questions can be answered during your initial exam, some will require further analysis of your diagnostic records. We value careful analysis of each patient's case, as in-depth planning leads to superior results and a healthier, more beautiful smile.

After your initial exam, we'll schedule a consultation to go over all of your treatment options, time frames, and financial arrangements. We'll work with you to answer any additional questions and ensure you have a complete understanding of your needs and options, no matter how long it takes.

To ensure a speedy, efficient visit, we ask patients to have the following information ready for the first visit:

  • Any panoramic x-ray taken within the past six months.
  • If you have orthodontic insurance, bring your insurance card - this will help us estimate your costs.

Open Communication

We believe that open communication is the foundation for good orthodontic care. We promise to always be completely honest and candid with you about our diagnosis, recommendations, alternative treatments, and any symptoms that may require further treatment. Working together, we'll help you achieve a beautiful, confident smile!

Contact Your Middletown, DE Orthodontists

At Delaware Orthodontics, we love hearing from our patients. If you have any questions about your treatment office, feel free to reach out to us at our contact page.

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